The structure of Wari Group

Today we start exploring the main asset of Kabirou - Wari. First let’s review some official documents. We start with the ownership structure:

Though this is just one version of it. Here’s another another, also from a recent presentation by Wari:

For those members of the Club who enjoy “official” presentations, I’m attaching the newest piece done by Rotschild. This presentation is for potential buyers of Wari shares, so it main purpose is to inflate the price of shares as much as possible. More about that soon.

Also, please, note that we’re missing one important piece in the ownership diagrams: there is another company, “SMARTWORLDS LTD”, registered in Hong Kong by David Wang. It’s not included in any of the official documents, but according to Kabirou himself,

“SMART WORLDS LIMITED (SW) is part of the Wari Group, its main purpose serves as providing technical assistance to all Wari entities and partners”. (Prooflink)

It’s turnover in 2017 was around $1,5 mln, and in 2018 it will be used for at least two major acquisitions by Kabirou in France: TSI Payments and some “KM SCI” (almost $30 mln combined). I’ll surely issue posts about both. Based on SMARTWORLDS’s bank records, it is mostly used as Kabirou’s “private pocket”. He makes frequent payments for his leisure activities (wait for it, we’ll get there), sends money to his kids, etc.

I’m now working on an important post about the exchanges between Kabirou and two employees of the HSBC bank: Karie W Y CHAU, Vice-president and Chris C K Tam. There is an interesting intrigue there, which may (!) involve a case of document forgery by Kabirou. To prove it definitively I need to meet HSBC people with Frédéric Quéru and Bernard Marchal concerning some signatures they supposedly made.

Stay tuned and remember the First Rule of the Club: There is no such thing as privacy!


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