The young tycoon of Senegal

We all know that Kabirou is rich. But how rich? Let’s see.

We'll start with a very simple document, his Declaration Patrimoine (pdf version), which is supposed to cover all of his assets. As we'll learn later, it's neither complete, nor correct.

Kabirou's response to "How rich are you?" very much depends on who is asking, there are so many versions, that we'll probably never learn the whole truth. Let's see for example, what he told one of the banks about his revenues, while trying to get a personal line of credit:

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The structure of Wari Group

Today we start exploring the main asset of Kabirou - Wari. First let’s review some official documents. We start with the ownership structure:

Though this is just one version of it. Here’s another another, also from a recent presentation by Wari:

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