SMARTWORLDS as the private pocket of Kabirou Mbodje

During the last several months, Kabirou Mbodje bought a Penthouse in Paris for 7 200 000 euro, a private jet for 2.5 mln USD and spent a small fortune on hotels, trips to Mexico and Ibiza and many other nice things.

From the looks of it, I’d say he knows that soon he’ll have nothing more to spend…

Naturally, all the biggest expenses went from SMARTWORLDS company. Today we’re going to review some of SMARTWORLDS financial documents. There will be a lot of pictures:

Let’s start with a 1-week vacation in Tulum, Mexico, which cost our hero more than $109 000:

But then, who cares about money, when you have Kimi…)

During these three months Kabirou sent 5500 euro to his daughter Keza:

More than $13 000 went to his son Kysma in Montreal, Canada:

During the same 3 months (January-March 2018) Kabirou spent 170 000 euro on his hotel in Paris. That wasn’t hard, at this hotel he’s spending about 10 000 euro in just two days:

Probably Kabirou realized that spending 170 thousand euro for an hotel is a bit too much, so he decided to buy a Penthouse in Paris for 7 200 000 euro, and prepaid 10% of that through a notary:

Just one picture of this penthouse for you (more - later):

Nice view, eh? Definitely worth 7 million euro!
15 000 euro as prepayment for the interior design of his new penthouse:

Then there were 36 000 euro for two flights on a private jet:

And another flight on private jet, from Paris to Ibiza and back, together with Mr. Thomas Sonnier:
First payments for the private jet that he bought (see in my previous posts):

Payment to Hamza Guissi for a Mercedes S in January:

And a very funny payment to someone in Lebanon… Is he financing Hamas or what?
That’s enough for one day. Stay tuned!


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