Wasabi Project

Today we’ll review what Kabirou wanted to do with Tigo, when he thought he was gonna get it. First of all - the plan was to keep the same tax evasion scheme after the sale. Because of that, they were planning to buy Tigo Senegal for just $1:

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I’ll start by establishing some credibility, so that no one has any doubts about the materials presented in this site. Please, see the current French passport of Kabirou Mbodje:

As well as his old passport:

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About the Club

Welcome, my friends, to the Fan-Club of Kabirou Mbodje! Very few people get their own fan club, but we all know how special is Mr. Kabirou Mbodje. Kabirou inspires a love and devotion in everybody, who ever had the precious opportunity of meeting our hero. In this club, we are going to explore the business and private life of Kabirou, based on a huge array of confidential materials that he, himself, provided in the spirit of full disclosure.

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