Never try to bullshit the bullshitter

Today I have a very nice story for you, my friends. I’ll tell you what I know, and I’ll show you letters and documents, but something tells me there are a lot of lies in this story. Let’s see:

Kabirou has a partner, M. Samuel A. Sarr, ex-minister of Senegal and President of AFRINVEST SA. Samuel was helping Kabirou to find financing for Tigo deal. (Another fun fact: Kabirou claims that he had all the money by August 2017, but in January 2018 he was still looking for them).

This Samuel found some Sajid Barkat, Managing partner of WORLD Group Holding Ltd. According to Dubai company registry, it’s a small company, registered in May 2017 with a capital of $50 000. Their office is “Unit OFFICE 03 C , Level 1, Gate Village Building 3, Dubai” - doesn’t sound too impressive, right?

There’s another guy in this story, Aidivandi Koosha, KOOSHA HOLDING, partner of Sajid Barkat. Judging from his Instagram, he’s a young playboy, boasting about expensive cars and VIP parties.

So, Kabirou meets Koosha and Sajid in Turkey and they promise him financing for the purchase of Tigo - 130 million USD. According to these guys, the money will come from the government of some oil-producing country, but it must be absolutely confidential! Probably they were talking about something like Iran or Libya or whatever. And because of this secrecy, the money must come from the account of Koosha in COMMERZBANK, Berlin, in the form of a loan, him acting as screen for this mysterious government.

A week later, Samuel Sarr receives this letter from Sajid Barkad:

Samuel immediately forwards it to Kabirou with this comment:

Très confidentiel à ne remettre à personne (uniquement au PR ou MEF pour lecture jusqu’à signature et remise des fonds, car comme vous le savez ce sont des fonds provenant de revenus pétroliers d’un autre pays.

I think I know who are those “PR” and “MEF”… But that’s not the point. See the document itself:

And now let’s take a closer look:

Do those signatures look legitimate to you? I don’t think so. Looks like they are coming from different documents. Also, I spent a lot of time searching those “Dr. Rainer Haas” and “Dr.h.c Werner Schröder” in COMMERZBANK, and I don’t think these people exist at all.

My feeling is that this “oil-producing country” is just an upgraded version of “Nigerian prince”. Apparently, this was also the feeling of Aicha, the guardian angel of our hero, who insisted that:

“Comme échangé, la documentation doit être signée sur site auprès de la banque émettrice. C’est la condition pour la rendre exigible.”

And, no surprise here, Samuel Sarr answered:

il faut régler les préalables avec kabirou avant de partir. Tu as bien écouté nos amis de Dubaï au tel tout à l’heure. 3.9 + 2 millions usd en custody (dont 1 à payer immédiatement). C’est une question de crédibilité et de confiance. Sinon cela ne sert à rien de prendre les dispositions pour y aller. As tu eu kabirou à ce sujet comme convenu?. Une fois les dispositions prises, ils confirmeront le RV à Berlin

And that was the end of the story.

By the way, in the process of those negotiations with “Koosha” and “oil-producing country”, Mr. Sajid Barkat got a very interesting document from Wari. I think some members of the club will truly appreciate it:

Stay tuned!


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