Kabirou lies again

In his latest interview about Wari, Kabirou keeps insisting on “one million transactions per day”. Well, not exactly.

This is one slide from the internal 2017 performance review. As you see, not even close to a million per day. In September 2017 there were less than 7 million transactions during the whole month. And the maximum was in August with 9.7 million per month. About three times less than according to Kabirou.

You may assume that there was a great increase in 2018? Sorry, but you are totally wrong. As a matter of fact, the first four months in 2018 showed an 11% decrease (!!!) as compared to 2017. I’ll have documents on that for you shortly.

Naturally, the revenue showed stagnation during the whole 2017, followed by the same drop in 2018:

Stay tuned!


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