First wife

Hi, my friends!

Meet Christine Ngiriye, who for the precious 15 months was the wife of our hero. Looks very nice for her 44, doesn’t she?

They married after Christine got pregnant with their first kid, Keza Mbodje, then got divorced when Keza was 10 months old. However, that did not prevent them from giving birth to two other kids, Kysma (11 months after the divorce) and Kebir (6 years after the divorce). Which makes me think, this divorce was just for show, like everything about Kabirou…

Christine is the Founder and CEO of KN&Partners, you can read her CV here. Though she looks so independent now, Kabirou is still sponsoring some of her business-related expenses (like travels).

Below are some documents, if you’re interested:

Divorce: PDF version

Stay tuned!


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