About the Club

Welcome, my friends, to the Fan-Club of Kabirou Mbodje!

Very few people get their own fan club, but we all know how special is Mr. Kabirou Mbodje. Kabirou inspires a love and devotion in everybody, who ever had the precious opportunity of meeting our hero.

In this club, we are going to explore the business and private life of Kabirou, based on a huge array of confidential materials that he, himself, provided in the spirit of full disclosure. The First Rule of our Club: There is no such thing as privacy!

Every day I’ll be publishing some new documents and letters by Kabirou, his business partners, employees and friends. We are going to study various aspects of Wari ownership, management and performance, especially in the recent months. We’ll review Wari cashflows (as well as CSI, Interlinq and more) to see, if those recent accusations against Kabirou have grounds (spoiler: yes, at least partially).

We’ll analyze the Tigo deal - how it started, what went wrong and what is Kabirou’s strategy to recover his losses from Millicom/Consortium. He is taking a very aggressive path (that’s what we love him for), but his lawyers are a bit less than optimistic. I’ll share some details with you shortly.

I’d say that we’re going to research Kabirou’s M&A strategy, but unfortunately he doesn’t have one. Right now he is in the process of several dozens of negotiations, trying to cash out of Wari and cash into some European/US business. We’ll cover the most important processes in short, and then will dig deeper if some of these negotiations succeed.

Wari employees will be delighted to read some documents on internal management, HR policies and compensations. Did you realize that the difference between the highest and the lowest full-time salaries in Wari is more than 100 times? Yeah, wait for details.

We’ll also uncover some interesting facts about Kabirou’s family, and why his children are so grateful to him at the moment. Apart from family he also has some secret private life - but you remember the First Rule - so we’ll research that as well.

Basic membership in the club is free of charge. However, if you have any special requests for Kabirou’s documents and exchanges, or if you would like to have the whole archive right now - contact me at info@warileaks.com, and we’ll work something out. Club membership is irrevocable - you can’t just stop being a fan of Kabirou, nobody can.

All materials in this website can be reproduced in any form and with any purposes (remember the First Rule). If you are publishing something based on our materials, please, send me a link (info@warileaks.com), and I’ll promote this link in my site.

Stay tuned!

Founder and President,
Kabirou Mbodje Fan Club.